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We aim for a society in which people can live and work in a healthy climate.

Alles over Sustainability

26 June 2019

Sustainability ratings

De Volksbank wants to make a relevant and positive contribution to society with a focus on financial resilience and sustainability. Independent institutions assess our policies and...

26 June 2019

Feedback on our corporate responsibility activities?

De Volksbank welcomes feedback on our corporate responsibility activities. Stakeholders may for instance submit a complaint about any possible negative effects related to our activ...

26 June 2019

Sustainability policy documents

Our sustainability policy is set out in policy documents. These policy documents give us points of reference to make decisions about our investments, financing and business operati...

27 February 2019

First human rights report of de Volksbank

In February 2019, we published our first report on human rights risks together with ASN Bank. In this report, we take a look at the risks of human rights violations in our supply c...

02 January 2019

Memberships and conventions

In our daily actions and relationships with suppliers, business partners, customers and society, we adhere to internationally recognised guidelines.

13 November 2018

De Volksbank happy with banks’ ‘green’ intentions

De Volksbank is pleased that other Dutch banks are also setting themselves hard climate targets for the first time. We already have the ambition to be completely climate neutral by...

01 January 2018

De Volksbank carbon neutral

De Volksbank aims to be a carbon neutral bank.

01 January 2018

Sustainable housing project

Carbon neutral housing is the focal point in our Manifesto’s sustainability ambition. As our balance sheet consists mainly of mortgages, we see it as our social responsibility to m...

01 January 2018

Carbon profit & loss account

De Volksbank aims to be a carbon neutral bank. We want to contribute to the quality of life on this planet and help keep global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees centigrade....

08 April 2016

Sustainable business operations

Facility Management of de Volksbank plays an important role in achieving climate neutral business operations.