Sustainability ratings

De Volksbank wants to make a relevant and positive contribution to society with a focus on financial resilience and sustainability. Independent institutions assess our policies and activities in the area of sustainability. De Volksbank has received high marks for its sustainability policy from various parties. The results of which are shown below.


Sustainalytics conducts worldwide research into the policies of companies in the areas of sustainability and corporate governance. De Volksbank takes a leading position with a score of 88 for ESG performance, as from June 2019. According to Sustainalytics, this high score stems from de Volksbank's leading position in environmental, social and governance issues.


ISS-oekom research analyses international companies with regard to their sustainable investment policy. With a B rating (July 2019), de Volksbank is rated among the top 3 world leaders in the financial industry in the Mortgages & Public Sector, according to oekom research. The score reflects 'the integration of sustainable and social aspects into the business operations and policies of de Volksbank'.

DZ Bank

De Volksbank scores 82 points in the EESG rating model of DZ Bank. This is currently the highest EESG score within the banking sector. The average for the entire universe (cross-sector sustainability threshold) is currently 44 points.

The sector-specific sustainability threshold for banks is currently 54 points. At present, de Volksbank does not violate exclusion criteria and is not involved in any severe EESG controversies.

Hence, de Volksbank is classified as "sustainable" and has received the DZ BANK Seal of Quality for Sustainability 12/2018. The economic sustainability factor calculated in the DZ Bank-model is positive (1.15).

DZ Bank Seal of Quality
Sustainability Rating (EESG)
MSCI ESG Ratings assessment

In 2018, de Volksbank received a rating of A (on a scale of AAA-CCC) in the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment.

Fair Bank Guide

In the most recent case study (in Dutch) on Living Wage and Freedom of Association in the Garment and Electronics Sector by the Dutch Fair Bank Guide, both de Volksbank and ASN Bank score well with a 9 and 10 respectively. This score is an acknowledgement for the fact that we appeal to clothing companies to join the Bangladesh Security Agreement, thereby contributing to a fund to compensate victims and their families.

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