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De Volksbank publishes its Climate Action Plan

Today, de Volksbank presents its Climate Action Plan (CAP). The goal of the plan is to achieve a ‘net zero’ balance sheet* by 2050, or sooner if possible. The CAP is one of the elements of the Dutch financial sector’s Climate Commitment, to which de Volksbank committed itself in 2019. 

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The Climate Action Plan consists of five main activities:

  • Further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the residential mortgage portfolio;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the SME portfolio;
  • Continue to finance renewable energy projects;
  • Finance projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere by, for instance, forests and regenerative agriculture;
  • Continue to draw attention to the climate crisis and (inter)national partnerships inside and outside the financial sector towards solutions.

These activities will be elaborated in 2023. In addition to our existing, ongoing efforts on sustainability and the climate transition, de Volksbank will start implementing the CAP’s actions as soon as possible, but no later than 2024.

Download de Volksbank’s complete CAP as a PDF below.

* Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions as close to zero as possible and re-absorbing the remaining emissions from the atmosphere, for instance by forests, regenerative agriculture or oceans.

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