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Saskia Hoskens appointed as Chief Risk Officer of de Volksbank

Upon nomination of the Supervisory Board, shareholder NLFI appoints Saskia Hoskens as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of de Volksbank effective 10 April 2024. The appointment has been approved by the supervisory authority. The Works Council has rendered advice on, and supports the appointment. Saskia’s term of office will expire at the 2028 General Meeting of Shareholders. Saskia succeeds Jeroen Dijst who, as previously announced, is stepping down from de Volksbank after two terms as CRO.

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Saskia Hoskens has extensive international experience in the field of risk management, restructuring and recovery and customer relationship management at Dutch banks. She is transferring from ING where she was responsible for managing risks in the international wholesale market as CRO Wholesale Banking. She previously worked at Rabobank as of 2005. She led the integration of commercial real estate bank FGH Bank where she was CEO. Prior to that, Saskia ran the global restructuring department at Rabobank and served as Regional Director Commercial Banking in Southern Netherlands. Before her banking career, she managed mergers and acquisitions of both large and small companies at Deloitte Corporate Finance and Nuon (now Vattenfall).

Martijn Gribnau, Chief Executive Officer of de Volksbank: “On behalf of the Executive Committee, I wish to extend a warm welcome to Saskia Hoskens. Her personal vision on banking fits seamlessly with ‘banking with the human touch’ that de Volksbank stands for. With her background, positive energy and connective leadership style, we expect her to make a significant contribution to achieving our strategic priorities and the future of de Volksbank.”

Gerard van Olphen, Chair of the Supervisory Board of de Volksbank: “The Supervisory Board is pleased with the appointment of Saskia Hoskens as CRO and member of the Executive Committee of de Volksbank. With her extensive experience in the banking sector, she has successfully completed large change management processes. With her decisive leadership, Saskia has what it takes to make a valuable contribution to further improving de Volksbank’s financial and operational robustness.”

Saskia Hoskens: “I am looking forward to begin my new job at de Volksbank and to contribute to further strengthening the bank’s position in the Dutch market. This requires excellent customer service that is integrated seamlessly with effective risk management. Stakeholders expect a bank to be operationally strong, to comply with laws and regulations, to be mindful of social interests and to take good care of its customers. I am happy to commit to that."

Composition of the Executive Committee
De Volksbank is making good progress on the recruitment and selection process for the CEO and CFCO positions. The bank expects to be able to announce the appointment of a new CEO after the General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held in the second half of May 2024.

As from 10 April 2024, the Executive Committee consists of seven members. Martijn Gribnau (CEO), André Haag (CFO), Saskia Hoskens (CRO) and Marinka van der Meer (CCO) are the statutory members. In addition, three non-statutory members serve on the Executive Committee: Jacqueline Touw-Conradi (CPOO), Michel Ruijterman (CIO) and a CFCO (yet to be filled).

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