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De Volksbank: from March 1, 2021 negative interest upward of € 250,000

From March 1, 2021, de Volksbank brands SNS, ASN Bank and RegioBank will charge on separate current -, savings - and investment accounts an interest rate of - 0.5% per year over the part of the credit that exceeds € 250,000. This applies to both private and business customers. This negative interest does not apply to accounts for youth.

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The change is being implemented due to the persistently low and negative interest rates on the financial market. And at the same time, people save more money. De Volksbank pays in many cases interest on the savings deposited with financial institutions, such as the European Central Bank.

Unchanged interest up to € 250,000

Private individuals with a savings account receive 0.01% interest up to a balance of € 250,000. The interest rate up to € 250,000 for business customers remains 0%. The interests are variable and can change.

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