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Retirement schedule

Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a term of four years and may be reappointed for one additional term of four years. After this term, they may be reappointed again for a term of two years, which term may then be extended with a maximum of two years. Reappointments after a term of eight years will be justified in the Report of the Supervisory Board. When making appointments or reappointments, due account will be taken of the profile of the Supervisory Board, the performance of the Supervisory Board member in question, the term of appointment and any other criteria to be established.

Name1st appointment1st reappointmentResignation at the latest at the conclusion of the first AGM in
Gerard van Olphen
Jeanine Helthuis
Petra van Hoeken
Aloys Kregting
Jos van Lange01-05-2018