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Our Supervisory Board

A member of the Supervisory Board shall not be appointed more than twice for a term that runs up to the first General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) that is held after four years have lapsed from the date of his or her (re)appointment. After this, a third or a fourth reappointment is possible under certain conditions. In case of a third and a potential fourth reappointment of a member of the Supervisory Board, the terms of appointment shall run up to the first GMS that is held after two years have lapsed from the date of his or her reappointment. In accordance with the requirements of the Corporate Governance Code, reappointments after a period of eight years are accounted for in the Report of the Supervisory Board. In principle the Supervisory Board shall meet at least six times a year in accordance with a schedule drawn up annually. The Supervisory Board shall decide by a majority of votes cast. The regulations for the Supervisory Board are based on the articles of association. These regulations are supplementary to statutory law provisions and the articles. The members of the Supervisory Board shall comply with the rules included in the regulations.