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Initiatives sustainable operations

Facility Management of de Volksbank plays an important role in achieving climate neutral business operations. The following initiatives help to achieve this objective.

  • Electric energy consumption
    • Lighting with motion sensors
    • LED lighting
    • Less ambient lighting
    • Leaving lights off at night (including advertising lighting)
  • Gas/town heating
    • Effective setting
    • Insulation
  • Water consumption
    • Taps with sensors
    • Water-saving equipment
  • Waste material
    • Waste prevention when purchasing material
    • Waste separation at the source in consultation with waste management company
  • Paper consumption
    • Digitisation is the standard
    • Increasingly make customer information available online (unless the customer requests paper)
    • Use environmentally and socially responsible paper
    • Double-sided printing is the standard
  • Mobility
    • Discourage car use
    • Encourage responsible electric and hybrid transportation
    • Tighten emission standards
    • Bicycle programmes
    • Encourage the use of public transport
  • Influence employee behaviour
    • Raise awareness among staff that they can contribute to achieving our objectives by doing the right thing

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