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Remuneration Identified Staff

In this report, de Volksbank reports on the remuneration policy for de Volksbank senior management and members of staff whose remuneration structure has a material impact on the risk profile of de Volksbank.

Prior to 2015, de Volksbank (at the time SNS Bank NV) reported on its remuneration policy in its annual report. These reports are available on this page.

Remuneration CEO
The fixed annual salary of Martijn Gribnau, in accordance with his appointment as Chairman of the Executive Committee of de Volksbank, amounts to € 455,000. Like other ExCo members, he is not entitled to any variable remuneration. For more information on the remuneration of the Chairman of the Executive Committee, please refer to the latest Remuneration Report. The annual salary and other arrangements have been made in consultation with NLFI and the Ministry of Finance.