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2020 Integrated Annual Review

As of this year, de Volksbank reports according to the ‘core & more’ principle. On this page, you will find our 2020 reports.

The Integrated Annual Review is our ‘core’ report sets out how we dealt with opportunities and risks in 2020 and how we created value for our customers, society, our employees and our shareholder.

In addition, we publish our Annual Report 2020 containing the details of financial statements, our risk management and corporate governance. Our Pillar 3 Report 2020 is the report on capital requirements and risk management ensuing from the European Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and in our ESG Report 2020 we provide more information about on ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ aspects. In our report Principles for Responsible Banking 2020 we explain the progress we made with the implementation of the sustainability principles.