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Strategic pillars

De Volksbank has a particular focus on the Dutch retail market. To meet the different customer needs de Volksbank carries multiple brands: ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank and SNS. All brands have a distinctive profile that for simple financial products. A single back office, a powerful IT organisation and a central staff organisation allow de Volksbank to operate effectively and efficiently.

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We seek to achieve our ambition by focusing on three pillars in the years ahead: a distinct position as a social bank, simple and efficient business operations, and a smart adopter’s innovation profile.

1. Strengthening our identity

Adding increased social significance to its identity, de Volksbank will refine its brand positioning and continue to develop new customer propositions dovetailing with customer needs.

2. Simplicity and efficiency

In the near future, de Volksbank will make its business operations simpler and more efficient. Simple and digitised processes and products will make the services provided to customers easier, more efficient and more transparent. Simple and efficient business operations will also create a future-proof and low cost level.

3. Smart adopter

De Volksbank will keep up with technological developments by continuing its transformation into an agile organisation that brings about
innovation as a smart adopter. We closely monitor innovations in core
banking functions. De Volksbank intends to innovate rapidly and efficiently, serving customers ever more effectively in a way that meets their expectations and needs. We aim to create an open innovation process characterised by multidisciplinary external collaboration and

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