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Our manifesto

A society that allows people to live confidently and full of optimism and to do the things that benefit the next generation – that is the kind of society we wish to build. It is our raison d’être: to help every single individual – in a personal way – to be financially resilient, each in his own way.

Accordingly, reaching back to our social roots, we are taking our responsibility to shape the banking trade based on what people really need. It means that our financial services are about benefit rather than return – about value rather than money. It particularly means that we are sincere in putting our customers’ interests first in order to safeguard fundamental things in life such as housing, education and a buffer for unexpected expenses, now and in the future.

We also understand that the Netherlands today is very diverse and that every individual wants to be ‘financially resilient’ in his own way. That is why de Volksbank is a diverse family of brands: ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank and SNS. Together, yet each in its own way, we choose to build a future based on the principle of sustainability. We choose to offer people insight, clarity and prospects in finance, to make ‘good housing’ accessible and to reinstate sincere personal contact as the cornerstone of banking. We are continuously inspired to work closely with our customers and develop simple services that bring back the human dimension in finance.

“the Netherlands today is very diverse and every individual wants to be ‘financially resilient’ in his own way” de Volksbank manifesto