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De Volksbank is the parent company of SNS, ASN Bank, RegioBank and BLG Wonen. Together we invest in a better future.

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  • No financial anxiety


    It is important that people learn to deal with money at an early age. We therefore increase the financial skills of children in primary and secondary schools with the aid of the free Eurowijs (‘Euro Wise’) teaching package and guest lessons.

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  • Sustainability

    Climate neutral in 2030

    Being a sustainable bank; we're not just discussing the topic, we're doing everything we can to achieve a fully climate-neutral balance sheet by 2030, i.e. we avoid as much CO2 as we emit. ASN Bank already does, so we know it can be done.

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  • No financial anxiety

    Provide support when things get tough

    We believe it is important that customers of our brands, and the people around them, are financially stable and without financial worries. And that’s why we do a great deal to improve their financial skills, anxiety and position. Thus, instead of engaging debt collection agencies, we help customers in mortgage arrears, for example with a budget coach.

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