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Intended appointment of Mirjam Verhoeven as Chief Operations Officer of de Volksbank

The Supervisory Board of de Volksbank N.V. (hereafter de Volksbank) announces its intention to appoint Mirjam Verhoeven as a member of the Board of Directors of de Volksbank and de Volksholding B.V. (hereafter the Board of Directors), and also as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of de Volksbank, with effect from 1 January 2019. The intended appointment is subject to approval by the supervisory authorities and the Works Council. Mirjam Verhoeven will succeed Alexander Baas, who will step down from the Board of Directors on 1 January 2019 to focus entirely on the position of Director of Customers, Payments and Savings (KBS).

Mirjam Verhoeven (1967) has been working at de Volksbank and its legal predecessors in various positions. In her current position as Chief Information Officer and Director of Innovation, she is responsible for the IT & Change policy and shaping de Volksbank’s strategy in the field of innovation and technology application. Prior to this, Mirjam held various IT and marketing positions in the bank. In her new role, she will among other things be responsible for the service centres, IT & Change and Facility Management.

Alexander Baas (1966) has been Chief Operations Officer and member of the Board of Directors of de Volksbank since July 2014. Since the vacancy of Director of KBS arose at de Volksbank on 1 May 2018, Alexander has held this position ad interim in addition to his role of member of the Board of Directors. Alexander has indicated he would like to permanently fulfil this position because of the many challenges ahead for de Volksbank in the field of payments.

Maurice Oostendorp, Chairman of the Board of de Volksbank: "I am delighted that, in Mirjam Verhoeven, we have found an internal successor for the position of COO. I have every confidence that Mirjam will perform her new role as COO well. I greatly admire Alexander's courageous step of focusing on the role in which he thinks he will create the most added value for the bank. I wish Alexander every success and I am pleased he will fulfil this role for de Volksbank".

Once the appointment of Mirjam Verhoeven is definitive, the Board of Directors of de Volksbank will consist of: Jeroen Dijst (CRO), Marinka van der Meer (CCO), Annemiek van Melick (CFO), Maurice Oostendorp (CEO) and Mirjam Verhoeven (COO).

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