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Three out of ten of first-time home buyers do not expect to get a mortgage loan

First-time home buyers anticipate more and more difficulties in obtaining a mortgage loan; 70% have doubts whether they will succeed in getting a mortgage, and 30% do not expect to get a mortgage at all.

This is evident from recent research carried out by market research agency GfK for de Volksbank. The bank is a long-time advocate of a better saving-borrowing balance to buy a home. The introduction of a form of Bouwsparen is one of the measures that fits in with the further reform of the housing market.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from the survey is that 62% of tenants would prefer to buy a home. Of first-time buyers on the housing market, this percentage is even greater than 90. However, in order to be able to take out a mortgage, down payments have become increasingly common. And although seven out of ten of the Dutch citizens prefer to make as large a down payment as possible, only 11% actually save money to buy a home. Half of the Dutch, however, would rather put their pension contribution into their own home than into their pension scheme.


In recent years, a number of steps have been taken to reform the housing market. De Volksbank is appealing to the new Government and Parliament to take the next step, i.e. to gradually shift the focus from borrowing money to saving money. Just like in other European countries, saving to buy a home (also to modify, renovate and make a home more sustainable as well as to accelerate debt redemption) has to become an important savings motive. A form of Bouwsparen is the most appropriate concept to do so.

Maurice Oostendorp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of de Volksbank: “Bouwsparen allows for a better balance between saving and borrowing for a home, thus contributing to the consumer’s financial self-reliance.”


Bouwsparen offers consumers security, reduced debt and lower expenses. Moreover, they can more easily move on to a next home. Bouwsparen savings are placed in a closed community of savers and borrowers: the Bouwspaar savings bank. This environment has only one objective: financing home ownership.


De Volksbank, in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology, is organising a seminar entitled ‘Bouwsparen: the road towards a sustainable housing market’ on Wednesday, 8 March. At the seminar, several parties will discuss the importance of starting to save money early to buy a house. We will also take this opportunity to share more survey results.

Research accountability

The survey was conducted by market research agency GfK in the period from 27 January to 6 February 2017. The net sample covered 1,010 respondents aged 18 - 60 years, of which a large part comprised young people in the age group of 18 – 25 living at and away from home. The three separate sample groups were all re-weighted according to the exact composition in the Netherlands, making it a representative survey.

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