What we are committed to

Corporate responsibility is de Volksbank's ‘core business’. Being a social bank, we want to ensure that all Dutch households lead financially healthy lives. That is why we focus on financial resilience and work on innovation and structural solutions in the social field. In doing so, we have set ourselves concrete goals. In addition, we aim to be a climate-neutral bank by 2030.

Financial resilience

People should have control of their own income and expenditure. We want them to lead a carefree financial life.


Our vision on banking with a human touch and the strategic choices that go with it.


What’s learnt in the cradle lasts till the tomb: it is important that children learn how to handle money from an early age.

Data & Privacy

Your data, you decide: customers control their own data and we make them aware of their privacy.


We develop people-oriented innovations that really help our customers.