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Monika Milz

Vice-chair of the Supervisory Board

Monika Milz (1957) was appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board of SNS REAAL N.V. and SNS Bank N.V. (predecessors in title of de Volksbank) on 1 November 2013, in accordance with the reinforced right of recommendation of the Works Council of SNS REAAL N.V. and was reappointed on 20 April 2017. Her term of office will expire at the first GMS to be held after 20 April 2021. Monika is vice chair of the supervisory board, member of the risk committee and chair of the Mens en Organisatie Committee (MOCo).

Other positions held by Monika are:
• Member of the Supervisory Board of HandelsVeem Beheer B.V.
• Member of the Board of Stichting Parnassia
• Chairman of the Board of Stichting Arbo Unie

Monika has been working as an independent management consultant since 2010. She began her career at ABN AMRO in 1980, where she held various positions until 2000. From 2000 to 2010, Monika worked for the Rabobank Group. During this period, she held several positions among them Director Corporate Clients, Director SME and Director Corporate Communication.