Our existence entirely depends on the recognition we receive from customers, employees and society. It is therefore important that we continuously listen to society and enter into dialogue with our stakeholders.

We engage with them so that our brands can respond to their needs and expectations with respect to our strategy, activities, products and services.

Stakeholders’ needs and expectations

The starting point of our shared value ambition is to take account of the interests of all our stakeholders and to strive to create shared value for everyone through our activities. To gain insight into stakeholder interests, we conducted several extensive surveys into the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders in 2016. We divide stakeholders into four categories of our shared value ambition: customers, society, employees and the shareholder. We used the survey results to tighten our strategy and to determine the content of our annual report.

Stakeholder dialogue

In addition to the bi-annual quantitative and qualitative survey among our stakeholder categories, we also regularly engage our stakeholders in dialogue to exchange thoughts on current topics, dilemmas, standing items, our strategy and the Manifesto. One of the most conspicuous occasions was the stakeholder dialogue we organised on 4 July 2016. During this round table meeting with knowledge institutes, trade and industry organisations, businesses and civil society organisations, we discussed the possibilities to improve the financial resilience of our customers. The discussion yielded very valuable suggestions and comments that we subsequently used to develop our strategic financial resilience KPI.

Our brands also regularly engage with their customers. SNS’s Customer Council, for example, meets six times a year with members of the Board of Directors and others on strategic topics, developments and dilemmas, and ASN Bank regularly organises (large) customer feedback sessions. You can review the reports of these meetings on the brands’ websites.