Responsible investment

We invest the savings you entrust with us in such a way that they contribute to a people-oriented, social and sustainable society.

Our Manifesto describes what we stand for as a bank. Banking with the human touch means that we want to actively invest in sustainable housing, a carbon neutral balance sheet, a simple business model and satisfied and financially resilient customers.

Moreover, we indicate what we do and do not want to invest in. We take human rights and the environment into consideration in all our activities. Starting from our (inter) national guidelines and laws, we do not invest in companies that (are complicit in and systematically) violate human rights or harm the environment.


We invest a significant part of the savings in mortgage loans. We want to help our customers realise their housing needs in a sustainable manner. Our policy vision on sustainable housing (in Dutch) describes how the brands will contribute to both social and green housing in the Netherlands and forms our common starting point for mortgage lending and services to our retail customers. Our Manifesto describes how we give shape to sustainable housing.

Small business customers

A limited portion of the savings is invested for the benefit of existing small business customers. We do not provide any new business loans to Dutch SMEs. We have drawn up a Responsible Investment Policy on the themes of human rights, consumer protection, arms trade, climate, tax evasion, animal welfare and biodiversity and for certain industrial sectors. We also report on our loans to small business customers. In doing so, we make a distinction between size, sector and region of the investments. Our customers can thus be assured that their savings are not invested in socially undesirable activities and actions or activities in which human rights are not respected or harm the climate or biodiversity.The ASN sustainability policy


The ASN sustainability policy is the starting point for the investments that de Volksbank makes in governments and financial institutions and other projects and organisations.

Project financing

De Volksbank is involved in project financing to a limited extent and only through ASN Bank. ASN Bank is making a contribution to the world of tomorrow through renewable project financing in wind energy, solar energy, decentralised energy supply, (social) housing, social real estate and health care and welfare.

Investment funds

Apart from making savings deposits, our customers can invest in the ASN Investment Funds, which invest in equities and bonds of governments, companies and other organisations. The fund manager selects these investments on the basis of the ASN sustainability policy.