More human and more normal

We are SNS. We make choices. Conscious choices. Especially now. SNS believes that banking can actually be done differently. Better. In a more normal way. We are an accessible bank and ready to help you. We are the bank for all those people who feel that banks merely existed for their own sake rather than for the sake of customers. That is how we started out and that is how we will continue. We are a bank for you. With simple and understandable payment, savings and mortgage products. With products that benefit our customers.

Ton Timmerman, Director of Customer Services SNS: "Our customers deserve our daily commitment, so whether they contact us by phone, in shops, via social media or the Internet, SNS strives to really add value to that moment. I was brought up on being enterprising and always acting in the interests of the customer. Customer-oriented thinking is strongly expressed in SNS’s vision and the ambition to show that banking can be done in a different way. In a more human and normal way. Entering into dialogue with and listening to customers, responding to their needs, optimising our service and support: that’s what I am committed to every day."

Patrick Kuijsters, Director Marketing & Online SNS: "I am motivated to make a difference in the Dutch banking landscape with SNS. I see it as my personal mission to ensure that SNS is a bank that is at eye level with customers. I actively look for solutions that lend our positioning colour so that it remains distinctive. Many people feel that banks are not there for their sake, but for their own sake. We want to be there especially for those people. Even if it requires breaking some ‘not quite normal’ banking habits. I hope people will shortly say about SNS: well now, something is finally happening in the banking world."

Ronald Pieters, Director Retail & Advice SNS: "SNS is a bank for the ordinary Dutchman. A retail bank for private individuals and small businesses. While other banks are closing down branches, SNS is opening shops. With 230 SNS Shops eventually, we have a good nationwide coverage. This makes it even easier for our customers to maintain personal contact with the bank. We both have SNS shops with advisers staffed by SNS and SNS Shops run by franchisees. We offer simple products that deliver tangible benefits for our customers: good-quality current and savings accounts, insurance policies and mortgages. A down-to-earth bank. Without fuss. Accessible to everyone. With our over 1,600 colleagues and advisers in our SNS Shops, we give meaning to this every day."

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