BLG Wonen

A personal and professional mortgage lender that understands your personal situation and contributes ideas. We have been helping people to make their housing wishes come true for more than 65 years.

Go further with BLG Wonen

At BLG Wonen, we look beyond the figures. Our employees do not see a number, but people with dreams and wishes. We think along with customers and look at what we can do.

We always try to come up with a tailored solution. A solution not just for now, but also for later. And if something is not possible, we say so honestly. Working closely together with a network of independent advisers, we help customers find a suitable mortgage.

Frank Soede, Chairman of the Board: “BLG Wonen believes that having a home is one of the basic conditions for happiness and well-being. We will, therefore, press ahead with the social purpose for which we were founded in 1954: to help every Dutchman to own his own home.”

Working at BLG Wonen       

The head office of BLG Wonen is located at Geleen, though many colleagues also work in Utrecht. Our Limburg roots are still noticeable in our company. Giving personal attention to each other and to our customers is very important to us. If this mentality suits you and you have the right skills, we kindly invite you to apply at BLG Wonen. Please come in.