de Volksbank

De Volksbank is an independent, purely Dutch bank holding company with four distinctive brands that is close to its customers.

SNS is a 'normal', no-frills bank with online banking services and 188 shops all over the country. ASN Bank thus aims at customers through the Internet and is greatly committed to 'the world of tomorrow’. RegioBank helps people in smaller communities with all their financial affairs, no matter how large or small, through local intermediaries. BLG Wonen also primarily distributes its products through intermediaries. With expert advice and sound financial products, the bank helps customers to make their housing wishes come true. De Volksbank is headquartered in Utrecht.

History of social involvement

The brands of de Volksbank all have a history of social involvement. SNS emerged from a partnership of savings banks. The first were established in 1817 to enable poor people to build a small financial buffer. ASN Bank and RegioBank were union institutions. BLG Wonen was established to help miners to buy their own home.

People-oriented, social and sustainable

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Banking with the human touch strategy

De Volksbank wants to position itself as challenger of the major Dutch banks. Our four core values, defined in a Manifesto, originate from our history. They are about sustainability, banking with a human touch, benefit rather than return and financial resilience and guide all our products and actions.

The Manifesto is also a source of inspiration for new initiatives. We thus try to counteract banks’ withdrawal  from small communities by bringing back ATMs. To help lift the housing market, we seek political support for Bouwsparen, a tax-friendly way to set aside money to buy a house. But the Manifesto primarily inspires us to give customers the chance to contact us and let us know what their wishes are. That's why we build banks where people feel at home, every single day.